Our mission is to create awareness about diseases of the prostate especially prostate cancer the leading cancer among men. Prostate Cancer is the second leading cause of male death in the United States. Every year over 232,090 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, and about 30, 350 die. Majority of deaths from prostate cancer are related to advanced disease with metastases. If detected early, prostate cancer is mostly treatable.

Prostate Awareness Research and Treatment (P.A.R.T.) an organization committed to providing cutting-edge surgical technology, innovative medical research, and offering the best comforting patient care available. It is our priority to help patients and their families deal with Prostate Cancer and its effects.


  • Awareness about prostate cancer

  • Patient Education through monthly newsletters

  • Medical Research

  • Eventually finding a cure for prostate cancer

The funds raised through donations will be used to provide assistance to patients who can't afford treatment. Dr. Razdan will donate his time and expertise to perform a Robotic Prostatectomy on one patient a month with all expenses paid by P.A.R.T. We believe in treating and providing the best support services such as patient mentoring, education, and creating awareness of prevention and treatment options for the patient and their family members.





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